Sports Medicine Services

Tony Stevenson
Exercise Physiologist, EIMC Level II


Education is the strongest tool I can provide you.  You can talk about wanting the perfect program to design you a waist line, great abs and arms, but it's not the program itself....It's the journey.  Most people have a hard time understanding that you first must work to become fit.  I assess you and provide you the guidance on how to become fit.  It's a graduation process.  By going through the process is what gives you the final product.  Fitness is a great learning tool for most of life's lessons statring with... "nothing is handed to you".  "You must work for what you want", "You must be inspired enough to make your motivation an action plan", and "You must be determined to follow through with your commitment". 
I will provide you the highest level of service and professional direction than you have ever received.  I stay above the competition by regularly achieving educational credits and studying the latest research in the industry.  Remember....If they are not wearing the badge, they are not at the highest level of standard.

Tony graduated from the University of  New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB with a Kinesiology degree and a major in Sport and Exercise Science in 1998.  He launched Sports Medicine Services right after graduation and has been an entrepreneur in his feild since.  Tony holds the highest certifications in Canada through the "Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology", www.CSEP.CA .  Currently he is the head Exercise Physiologist for the Kennebecasis Fire Department and Irving Oil Refinery where he conducts Occupational Physical Assessments and Conditioning Programs for the First Response Teams.  Tony Conducts over 500 fitness assessment protocols and designs over 1000 exercise programs each yr.  Recently he has earned a new designation, "Exercise is Medicine Canada, Level II",  which puts him and his facility the only practicing Physiologist certified to prescribe exercise as "medicine".  





Fitness Assessment

Personal Training



Your assessment helps you understand where your real strengths and weaknesses are.  Appropriate exercises and protocols will speed your progress based on these results
Having Tony personally walk you through your fitness journey is the fastest way to achieving your goals.  Be held accountable.  regular appointments is what keeps you regular.  
Having a great attitude is a strength, not a phrase.  Life brings speed bumps to your progress.  Knowing this helps in accomplishments.
Tony's business is the most in-depth educational process you will ever go through.  By spending time with him means you will graduate with the knowledge of how to keep your great accomplishments for life.


Personal Training
Transformation Programs require meeting with Tony for weekly supervised conditioning sessions.  He will also design you routines to follow at his facility or at home when you are apart.
Physiology Assessments
VO2 Max
Body Composition
Occupational Testing and Prep
Medical Fitness
Cardiac Rehab
Cancer Rehab
Surgery Prep/Rehab
Heart Risks
Muscular Injury
Performance Fitness
Occupational Readiness
Sport Competition
AAA Try-outs Prep
Athletic Therapy
Recreational Athlete
Now What?
Getting released from Physio can still leave you wondering how to get back to where your fitness level use to be or even how to take a holistic approach to living with chronic pain or injury.  Tony can make your life improve.
Section B Insurance
Been in a Vehicle Accident?
Tony has a detailed exercise rehabilitation program Physician's and insurance companies love.  Call and have him provide you a copy to get approved.  It is all covered and paid for.
Tony's Fitness Facility
You can join his facility.  It is a very professional, private setting with a membership cap so it never feels crowded.  If you want to join a gym that doesn't look or smell like a gym.... Tony's Sports Medicine Clinic is exactly what you are looking for. 
221 Hampton Rd, Quispamsis, NB
Mon-Thurs 5:30am - 8:00PM
Friday 5:30am - 8:00PM
Sat   8:00am - 12:00PM
Private Boxing, MMA, HIIT group fitness classes through week from (8pm-9pm)
As well as Private Team Dry-Land conditioning on Sundays
Please inquire



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  1. Ever since I started working with Tony, I have noticed considerable improvement in my wellbeing. I have more energy and have lost weight I didn't need. I enjoy the routine Tony taught me and meeting up with other participants at his fitness center. My wife and daughter and other people have commented on the new spring in my step and a positive difference in me. Tony is a knowledgeable, skilled kinesiologist and tailored my exercises to prevent harm to my shoulder, enabling me to overcome discomforts that I had been living with for a while.
    - B. M., Darlings Island, NB
  2. I started working with Tony over a year ago and though I have been inconsistent due to lifetime events and suffer from arthritis, working with Tony has enabled me to improve my mobility and quality of life. I found a group of individuals who care about me and my success who workout at Tony's gym. They provide consistent encouragement and support. I know I might hear "you'll get through it" or "you'll get there" when I face a particular challenge in life or in my exercise routine. The gym is like family. I feel comfortable and confident when I go there.
    - A. M., Rothesay, NB
  3. Working with Tony has brought me to a level of fitness I would not have achieved without him. It's the workout design and exercises that keep me guessing, it's awesome.
    Carey Murphy, Quispamsis, NB
  4. I used to work out a few years back to gain some muscle but didn't have any purpose. Now I plan on moving to British Columbia to ski. I needed a sport specific workout plan and Tony gave me half hour sessions that helped me a lot. He showed me the exercises that I needed to perform for balance and flexibility. He gave me upper and lower body workouts that not only were good for my skiing, but for daily living. Tony helped build a program that I am comfortable with and find easy to continue. He always answered my questions and gave me details and explanations that helped me to remember each exercise.
    - B. C., Quispamsis, NB
  5. Three weeks of light, focused rehab on my damaged and chronically painful shoulders accomplished what ten years of several GP's, a neurologist, an orthopedic surgeon, an acupuncturist, as well as a variety of rehab programs, masseuse, and exercise facilities could not. I would, without hesitation, recommend Tony at SMS to anyone with similar problems.
    Gus Bonnycastle, Rothesay, NB